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Books by Barbara S Holmes

Get your copy of Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord or He Calls Me Bethany today.

He Calls Me Bethany is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord is available in paperback and e-book.

Dry Roses and Diary
Creamy Waves

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I believe that these resources can speak life and beauty to whatever season you are in.  Take the journey.


Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord

By Barbara Holmes
Illustrated by Anika Steiner

Looking for peace from the stress and disappointments of life?  In Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord, you can find tools for cultivating your spiritual garden as you begin to see your seasons as part of a sacred journey.  Written by Barbara Holmes and illustrated by Anika Steiner; scripture, poetry, and art collaborate in this devotional as they highlight ripe testimonies and describe the sometimes-harsh realities of unexpected winters and how to grow in them.  Get clear Biblical directives on how to get rid of weeds in the difficult seasons of life.  Understand how our Creator wants to use your fruit and compost for His Glory and help you find rest in the middle of any circumstance.  Experience spiritual growth in Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord.
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He Calls Me Bethany

By Barbara Holmes

Ever felt alone, unheard, or unseen?  Ever wondered if God even notices you and your pain?  He Calls Me Bethany is a true story of Hope and finding unshakable Love in the midst of pain, evil, and disappointment... overcoming through unexpected and wild adventures towards Faith, Freedom, and Forgiveness.

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He Calls Me Bethany

By Barbara Holmes
Produced by Tanya Nakogee

My ultimate prayer for you for this book is that these stories from my experiences with Jesus would:

  • Inspire the discovery and understanding of God’s point of view of who you are and what He is calling you to.

  • Encourage faithfulness to God’s Word and recognition of the faithfulness of God in your own life.

  • Increase your expectation to hear from the Lord, which requires learning how He speaks to you.

  • Promote faith living and not fear living.

  • Impart courage to allow our Creator to define Himself and what He’s capable of rather than Him being defined by boundaries placed on Him.

Almond Blossom

Jodi Cruz, Pastor’s wife (Iglesia Roca de Refugio, Buhl, ID), teacher and homeschool mom

I appreciate every section in this book (Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord).  Barbara Holmes has a way of hearing God’s voice and seeing God’s hand in the everyday nitty gritty of life—and then passing it on!  The lessons shared here are priceless; the “tidbits” worth clinging to.

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