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Prayers for the Rainy Seasons

If you can breathe, then you may know what's it's like to try to come up for air after you just escaped drowning in the heavy rains of life. I write books and poetry about overcoming, faith, and living the great adventure of life following The Lord. And when I come across something that resonates with all that I know is true about this journey, I want to share it.

Lorna Greyling, Author of KIDNAPPED A True Story, retells of the overwhelming devastation and the grand and miraculous overcoming she and her family experienced when her husband was taken for ransom.

It's almost hard to believe, when you read all the details of how amazingly God moved... but it's all true. I got the opportunity to sit with Lorna and hear in her own words, about the power of prayers in the rainy seasons of life.

She invited me to have tea with her. She was so kind, she even picked me up. Along the way, we swapped stories of overcoming and miracles that God had done for us. I love it when a conversation starts out with talking about the goodness of God. We went to a quiet tea spot nearby. We sat outside under the shade of a tree and continued our discussion of trusting The Lord in the things we have yet to see. Lorna had a lot to say about holding on to the Word of God and prayer. One of my biggest take-aways from our tea time was how prayer was not only a priority during her family's ordeal, but it was the lifeline which kept her and her husband connected to hearing the voice of God clearly through all the noise of the chaos surrounding them.

If I could have bottled up her passion for prayer and shared it with you, I would have. But, I'm doing the next best thing. I'm giving you the opportunity to get a taste of that kind of prayer passion for yourself. When I was with Lorna, she spoke with beautiful confidence about how grateful she was to meet the people she has met, to share life and love with them, and how much she feels it is a part of her purpose to serve others in love. It's no wonder she was crowned Mrs. Transcontinental. Her humble and gentle heart is so kind. The storms that her family walked through have only proven to strengthen her prayer life. Prayers during the heavy rains water the seeds of our faith. I hope that you take the time to view the video I am linking in this blog and consider checking out the book, KIDNAPPED A True Story by Lorna Greyling. You won't want to put it down.

by Barbara Holmes, author of He Calls Me Bethany, and Finding Rest in The Garden of The Lord


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